Crime Classics – P1
Ali Pasha A Turkish Delight
Billy Bonny Bloodletter Also Known as The Kid
Blackbeards Fourteenth Wife Why She Was Not Good For Him
Bunny Baumler His Close Brush with Fame
Cesare Borgia - His Most Difficult Murder
Coyle and Richardson Why They Hung in a Spanking Breeze
Good Evening My Name is Jack the Ripper
How Supan Got the Hook Outside Bombay
If a Body Need a Body Just Call Burke and Hare
James Evans Fireman How He Extinguished a Human Torch
John Baptiste Troppmann Killer of Many
John and Judith Their Crime and Why They Didn't Get to Enjoy It
Madeline Smith Maid or Murderess
Mr. Clarke's Skeleton in Mr. Aram's Closet
Mr. Jonathon Jewett How Most Peculiarly He Cheated the Hangman
Mr. Throwers Hammer
New Hampshire the Tiger and Brad Ferguson What Happened Then
Old Sixtoes How He Stopped Construction on the B. B. C. and I
Raschi Among the Crocodiles and the Prank He Played
Robby-Boy Balfour How He Wrecked a Big Prison's Reputation
Roger Nems How He Though Dead Won the Game
The Alsop Family How It Diminished and Grew Again
The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
The Assassination of Leon Trotsky
ohn Hayes His Head and How They Were Parted
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