Crime Classics – P2
The Axe and the Droot Family
The Bloody Bloody Banks of Fall River
The Boorn Brothers and the Hangman a Study in Nip and Tuck
The Checkered Life and Sudden Death of Colonel James Fisk
The Crime of Bathsheba Spooner (Audition)
The Crime of Bathsheba Spooner
The Death of a Baltimore Birdie and Friend
The Death of a Picture Hanger
The Final Day of General Ketchum and How He Died
The General's Daughter the Czar's Lieutenant and the Linen Closet
The Good Ship Jane Why She Became Flotsam
The Hangman and William Palmer Who Won
The Incredible History of John Shephard
The Incredible Trial of Laura D. Fai
The Killing Story of William Corder and the Farmer's Daughter
The Lethal Habit of the Marquise De Brinvilliers
The Seven-layered Arsenic Cake of Madame Lafarge
The Shockingly Peaceful Passing of Thomas Edwin Bartlett
The Shrapnelled Body of Charles Drew
The Terrible Deed of John White Webster
The Torment of Henrietta Robinson and Why She Killed
The Triangle on the Round Table
The Younger Brothers Why Some of Them Grew No Older
Twenty-Three Knives Against Caesar
Widow Magee and the Three Gypsies A Vermont Fandango
Your Loving Son Nero
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