Dangerous Assignment – P1
Administer Little White Pill Antidote
Bait A Trap With Nikolai Debarov
Bring Back Physicist Arnold Freed
Contact Lefty The Trained Seal
Contact Marta Gelber And Smash Sabotage Ring
Defeat African Hate Campaign
Defeat Road Project Sabotage
Did The American Hartley Kill Borrego
Dispel Alleged Overthrow Plot
Find 100000 Barrels O fMissing Oil
Find A Hired Assassin
Find Anthony Targou
Find Antonina Aquirre
Find Bill Thorne And Missing Japanese Weapons
Find Cause Of Landsberg Epidemic
Find Champlin And His Reel Of Tape
Find Eli Bryant American Traitor
Find Fugitive Nazi Captain Schiller
Find Guerilla Chief And Stop Him
Find Hired Killer Lupac
Find Lenny Fenway And Get Him Out Of Tibet
Find Missing Scientist Dr.Wieczek
Find Rudolf Karpel
Find Source Of Suspect Dictation Cylinder
Find operation Hot Foot Microbes
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