Dangerous Assignment – P2
Find Szabo And The Briefcase
Get Evidence To Nailmr Charon
Get Gouda Before The Gun Runners
Get The Man Trying To Sabotage Cooperation Talks
Grab James C. Stroller
Intercept Dr. Korvel Before Opposition
Intercept Foreign Courier Spy Ring
Intercept Strategic Materials Smuggling Ring
International Blackmail
Investigate Flying Saucers
Investigate Malayan Star Line Sabotage
Investigate Millionaire Murder Conspiracy
Investigate Who Stabbed Captain Rocq
Keep Chromite Mine Operating
Middle east Rrecover Stolen U.n.Documents
Nail Mr.Big Of The Bureau
On Safari For Nigerian Manganese
Prevent Minority Party Revolution
Put An End To Anti submarine Base Sabotage
Raiders On The Rubber Plantation
Recove rSarvich From Guerilla Camp
Recover Civil War Map
Recover Diplomatic File From Mr.Alexander
Recover Document From Butterfly Chasers
Recover File 72 Seal Unbroken
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