Dangerous Assignment – P3
Recover File 307
Recover Kroner Cutlass
Recover Lost Troop Movement Document
Recover Missing Arctic Warfare Report
Recover Stolen Blueprints
Recover Stolen Dynamite
Recover Stolen Missile Plan Microfilm
Recover Stolen Radar Plans
Recover Underwater Demolition Secrets
Recover Wire Spool
Recover memory Chain Equation
Recover operation Fish Hook Data
Renew Sheik Harouns Uranium Deal
Rescue Rick Perez From Caribbean Legion
Rescue Vance Morgan From Paradise
Resolve Doctor Mitsuko Scandal
Resolve Strategic Mining Lease family Squabble
Retrieve Data On Nazi Buzz Bombs
Retrieve Dummy Issue Of Osterreich Courier
Retrieve Emerson From Private Sanatorium
Retrieve Gouczek From French Riviera
Retrieve Peter Mettnick Alive
Retrieve Slarga From Latin America
Retrieve Stolen Atomic Secrets
Roquel SolveYourOwnMurder
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