Perry Mason – P1
A False Alibi for Kitty
A Subpoena for Dory
Anna Offers Reward for Perrys Capture
Anna is Alerted by Kitty
Bus Ticket to Denver
Chambermaid Testifies
Crying Dory Runs from Witness Chair
DA Visits Masons Office
DA Wants to Question Suzanne
DA Wants to Reach Mason About Phony Accident
Della Talks with Kate
Della and Helen Meet in Coffee Shop
Disguised as Waitress Della Evades Cops
Dory Celebrates 6th Birthday
Dorys Little Bible
Dorys Testimony
Drake Detective Agency
Drake at the Nightclub
Examining the Potential Accident Site
Gus Hears Editors Confidential Recording
Gus Meets JT on His Plane
Gus Works on Tony
Halverson and Tony Talk
Halveson at Beekman House
Haverson Talks To Fasina
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