Perry Mason – P3
Perry Fools Them
Perry Goes over Accident Plan with Paul
Perry Knows Suzanne Afraid for Her Mother
Perry Mason is Wanted
Perry Sends Della to Atlanta on Bus
Perry Visits Scared Witness
Perry with Mr Apt
Perrys Office Building is Sealed
Perrys Strategy Is Working
Perrys Trick Gun Norris Flees
Prosecutor Exploits Dory
Suzanne Barkley Is Wallaces Niece
Suzanne Calls Gus
Suzanne Fakes Amnesia
Suzanne Reminded of Others Who Worked for Syndicate
Suzanne Wont Talk
The Gunshot Test
The Missing Witnesses
The New Development
The Squeaking Witness Chair
The Staged Accident Happens as Planned
Tony Goes to the DA
Tragg Knows Perry Planned Escape
Wallace Sends Letter
Wallace Wants to End Syndicate Investigation
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