Voices Of History – P1
1934 - Goebbels
1934 - Hitler Reichstag Speech
1936 - Hitler Opens The Olympics
1936 - Hitler Reoccupies The Rhineland
1941- Eleanor Roosevelt
1945 - Hiroshima News Bulletin
1945 - Japan Surrenders
1st Pearl Harbor Bulletin
1st Service At Belson Conentration Camp
Albert Einstein on Ghandi
Albert Einstein on the bomb
Amelia Earhart - Women in air travel
Amelia Earhart the pilot
Babe Ruth - 3 Ambitions
Babe Ruth - On Reporters
Babe Ruth - Says Goodbye
Balaclava Bugle Charge Of The Light Brigade
Big Ben Tolling In The 20th Century
Billy Sunday Temperance Sermon
Black Jack Pershing
Casey At The Bat
Charles Lindbergh Returns To USA
Commander Perry On The Polar Expedition
Douglas MacArthur Old Soldiers
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