World War II – P1
1918- Winston Churchill The Hour Of Armistace
1928- Winston Churchill The Follies Of The Victors
1932- AdolfHitler Public Election Speech Berlin L
1932- Alfred Hugenberg Radio Address On Forthcomi
1932- Carl Severing On Forthcoming Elections To Pru
1932- Chancellor Franzvon Papen Radio Address On
1932- Ernst Heilmann SPD Election Speech
1932- Freiherrvon Gayl Ansprachedes Reichsinnen
1932- Hindenburg New Years Eve Address The Batt
1932- Johannes Engel NSDAP Election Speech
1932- Joseph Gobbels NSDA Prally
1932- Otto Klepper Pruss Min Of Finances Pruss E
1932- Walter Ulbricht CP Reichstag Speech
1933- Adolf Hitler First Public Appearance As Cha
1933- Adolf Hitler Forces Through Enabling Act E
1933- Adolf Hitler Opens 1933 Reichstag Session
1933- Hermann Goring Opens Prussian Senate Council
1933- Joseph Gobbels Delivers Eulogy At SA Troop E
1933- Joseph Gobbels Introduces Reichskanzler Hit
1933- The Locust Years
1934- BBC Winston Churchill The Threat Of Nazi Germany
1934- Leopold III Roi Des Belges Prte Serment
1934- The Causes Of War
1935- Benito Mussolini Italy Invades Ethiopia
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